This group serves the purpose of building bridges between the planners of tomorrow. Our orientation is international and pursues the goal of global exchange. In view of the diversity of our group, not only the criticism and influence of different hemispheres will be discussed with a moderate level of respect and acceptance, but also excursions to the home countries of the members will be prepared.
The maxim is to create a selection of projects in a rough draft for the host country and to present them under the best circumstances in the former home university of the host in cooperation with everyone who wants to participate.
The orientation of the projects may include landscape architecture, urban regeneration, urban and regional planning, district development, dealing with traditional and contemporary architecture, and of course conservation.
In our increasingly interconnected world, mutual understanding is of ever greater value.
PAI. – Platform for Architectural Interchange
22-11-2019: 44 Members / 32 Nations / 1 World
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